New Media              

The Gray Matrix is all about understanding our audience and what we as messengers communicate to them - both intentionally and unintentionally. For better or for worse...

To date, more emphasis has been placed on the Knowledge dimension (the vertical) at the expense of the horizontal that reflects openness, attitudes and relationships. Little effort has been made to unpack what communication in the horizontal dimension might look like in practice. It has remained a concept. We want to change that...


We now move the Matrix into a more holistic model of communication that embraces word and deed, faith and action, truth and grace.bOur emphasis will still be on the dimensions of communication but we shall be de-coupling from radio as the primary means. This is in recognition of a number of issues:

  • the Gray Matrix is used in a wide range of areas of ministry and training
  • radio as a medium of communication is now one of many media
  • holistic ministry affects the whole church and a breadth of mission activity
  • understanding the importance of good communication should concern us all

The importance of Communication

Good communication is evident by its impact. And if it is not having the impact we desire it is time to review what we are saying and doing - and if we might do it better. In the age of new media technologies it is even more critical that we understand how we communicate in the contemporary world and find ways of channelling truth, opening up conversations that point people to Jesus.

How do we assess Good Communication?

Is it according to how much knowledge we have imparted? — or are there other factors? Is it possible that we may have imparted a lot of knowledge — but with negative impact? And if that is the case, is that a bad thing?

If we focus on the impact our communication has on our listener would we be satisfied to know that it has moved him/her in the right direction — in Kingdom terms? Start thinking about it...

It is possible that our comunication has mainly helped to build a relationship. Is that important? I think so...

For learners

This is a site for learners — a place where questions are asked, insights are shared and new ideas explored. All focus on how we might better understand the process of Christian witness and how to fine tune our various ministry activities toward greater effectiveness.

If you resonate with this then stay tuned — and be prepared to share some of the insights God has given you as we learn together.

God motivates us to better understand His ways — so that we might come in line with His will. We become so dissatisfied with our own feeble efforts, and their lack of any visible impact, that we get motivated to do better. We seek understanding that leads to a better way. That has been my experience... perhaps yours too.

More than knowledge

The longer we are in Christian ministry the more we come to realise that teaching content alone is not sufficient. Imparting knowledge is one thing — but being sensitive to attitudes and feelings, and cultivating relationships, is quite another. Addressing the needs our audience is feeling is the kind of thing that Jesus would also be doing...after all.

It does not matter how good our knowledge content is — or how appropriate and correct it might be — IF we ignore the disposition of the people we want to talk to about Jesus. To sit where they sit; to see the Gospel through their eyes; to experience the pressures and trials they face... could make us think again. Once we discover the feelings they have towards Christians, the Church and Jesus himself, it could make all the difference as to what we say and do and how we say and do it.

Above all - to listen!

How the Matrix might help

These pages may help you to both understand what is going wrong and point you towards a fresh way of planning the way forward... Here you can:

  • Discover the Matrix — a practical, analytic tool for better understanding the mechanics, content and context of Christian witness, church-planting and the various ministries of the Church — global and local.
  • Learn about the various roles the Church has to play in effectively communicating both the unity and diversity of the Gospel.
  • Learn how various media serve — alongside the ministries of the local church — as tools each with different strengths (and weaknesses) for the purpose of carrying out these roles.
  • Give us your feedback — suggestions, disagreements, experiences — and questions. We want to know how you are finding the Matrix useful in your area of ministry.

Here is how one enthusiastic church member from Australia described it:

“I love the Gray Matrix. I was wanting our small group to talk about reaching out to the community, and I found the Matrix. Our Senior Pastor took it home and loved it, and used it as a basis for sermons on vision and mission. ’Moving people to the top right‚ has now become the catch-word for a visioning and strategic planning phase the church is going through. Our mission statement has become ’Working together with God, to help people grow from where they are now into fully devoted followers of Christ.”  (from the article "Gray's The Colour of Life" article on IED web-site).